Reading Comprehension Strategies and Questions to Foster Strategy Use

   1apple     1. MAKING CONNECTIONS-using background knowledge
        When you read the text does it remind you of anything you know about, 
experiences you had, other books, or world events?

1apple        2. QUESTIONING-ask yourself questions
        What did you wonder about while you were reading? 
What questions did you have? Were you able to find the answers?

  1apple      3. VISUALIZING-make pictures in your mind
        When you are reading, what pictures or movies are in your mind?

1apple        4. INFERRING-read between the lines
        Can you predict what is about to happen? 
Can you identify something in the book that helped you
        make that prediction? What were the clues?

 1apple       5.DETERMINING IMPORTANCE IN TEXT-what's important and what's not
        Are there some parts of the story that are more important than others?
Which ones? Why do you think they are important?

1apple        6. SUMMARIZING/SYNTHESIZING-retell the story
        Think of all the parts and put them together. If you were to tell 
another person about the story and
        you could only use a few sentences, what would you say?

1apple        7. FIX-UP AS YOU READ
        When reading, if you are not understanding or it is not making sense then:
        - Reread the sentence or passage
        - Read ahead for clarification
        - Adjust your reading rate, slow down
        - Read out loud
        - Check the illustrations


Last Modified on February 17, 2010