Welcome to our school!

This handbook is designed to inform you in three ways. First you will find specific information on the school personnel, where they work in the building, and the days and times of instruction this school year. Second, the handbook is a resource for looking up policies, practices, and procedures adhered to by public schools and our school district in particular. Third, our handbook is a guide for families to help their children get the most out of their public school participation. There is information on the study habits of successful students, how to complete homework assignments, assessment of student understanding, and teacher conferences. Also included in the contents of this handbook are descriptions of suitable school attire, expected classroom behavior, lunch time acceptable conduct, and safety rules to be followed when students ride on the school buses.

We encourage you to read through the handbook. Read it together as a family and discuss what is included and why.

We hope you will store the handbook where the whole family can find it.

The staff at Avis Elementary School look forward to working together in order to provide an excellent education for all students in our school.

Last Modified on September 17, 2013