Welcome to the third year of the employee wellness program through Blue Health Solutions.  This year the details of the program will be available to you on your school district website.


Since most of us spend more waking hours at work, what better place to emphasize wellness and work with colleagues to attain our wellness goals.


Prevention, wellness and personal responsibility are emphasized in a good wellness program through taking an online health risk assessment, speaking with a health coach, knowing your biometric screening results and participating in exercise or nutrition/weight management programs.


Don’t hesitate to contact me with ideas for wellness activities that we can share with all employees.  Also, think seriously about joining your school’s wellness team. 


Thank you.


Lynne Maietta, RN

Client Engagement Consultant

Blue Health Solutions

Office:  321-1636

Cell:     220-2602

FAX:      321-1632


Quotes from Blue Health Solutions participants: School Districts and Penn College



“I am so proud of my staff.  Almost everyone has increased their steps each week.” 


“I attended the Stress Management presentation and realized how stress can have a negative effect on your health.  With this information, I decided to embark on an exercise and healthy eating program.  To date, I have lost 100 pounds!”  


“I have lost 34 pounds, reduced both my blood pressure and cholesterol.” 


“We are really getting into the walking.  My wife is now training for a half marathon.” 


“I intended to have just the two conversations (with my health coach) that you need for the program, but they’re interesting and helpful, and they’ve been walking me through the packet of info that they sent so I asked them to keep calling.”


“My husband lost 25 pounds since January.  He went to the doctor’s last week and they cut his cholesterol medicine in half.  I’ve lost 15 pounds and still dropping.”


“I’ve lost 35 pounds!”


“I’ve been able to cut my diabetes meds by half and plan to be off them completely sometime this summer.  I feel and look better than I have in years.”