WHAT is S.A.P.?    SAP


Student Assistance Program ...
SAP is a state program at all public secondary schools in PA,
and the Student Assistance Team at JS Middle School.
We are here to help students deal with problems that may
be stressful and interfere with school success.
Stressors like:     drugs/alcohol          grades          family
           overwhelming feelings        abuse       harassment
Students, parents/guardians, school staff, or friends can
make confidential referrals to the SAP team for help. We
can help students figure out ways to deal with these problems.


WHO is SAP?   


Andrea Bowers                General Music /Choral Director

          Lynnann Charnego           7/8 Black -Mathematics
            Eileen Dunn                     School Counselor
Barb Fedele                    7 Orange –Reading
Todd Gunn, chair             6 Orange -Learning Support

Katie Steppe                   School Counselor

          Judy Morlock                  School Nurse

Heather Reeder              Technology Education

Laura Milarch                  Principal
          Margie Sauers                Lycoming Co. School-Based Outreach Worker
            Deanna Drick                  West Branch Drug & Alcohol
HOW can someone get help from the SAP Team?   
At JS Middle School, we have a locked mailbox by the
Guidance Office that only SAP members can get into.
There are orange referral papers with “SAP” printed
on front … fill it in and drop it in the mailbox!  You do not
have to put your name on it unless you are the person who
needs help, or if you don’t mind if we know who made the

If you still have questions or you are not sure if you should
make a referral to SAP, you can ask any member!

Last Modified on September 16, 2016