Welcome To My Homepage for the 2014/2015
Teacher: Mr. Bischof                   Subject:  Math and Science
Team Black 6th Grade
Email address: dbischof@jsasd.org
School Website: www.jsasd.org
Phone Number: 398-7400 extension 2512
Degrees: Studied Elementary Education: Lock Haven University. Bachelors Degree earned in 1992
 Lock Haven University
Personal Interests:  I really enjoy golfing, not that I will ever play on the pro tour, but you never know. I continue to be involved in basketball as a PIAA official and I play as often as I can.
I enjoy playing basketball with my 2 sons at the YMCA or just shooting around at home.  I also enjoy spending time with my family.  My usual result
What to look for on my website
1.  Each week my lessons will be posted on my Homework / Weekly Lessons Page for the week with assignments, tests and quizzes. I will post them as soon as possible so you know when your child has a test or quiz. 
2.  My homeroom students must come in go to their lockers and come immediately to homeroom.
3.  Websites: During each Science unit I will post some websites that go along with our unit in Science.  I love using the computer lab to show students websites that interact with the students in Science. I will post these sites in my lesson plans as much as possible.  Check them out!
PA Leaves
Weather and Earth's Atmosphere
4.  6th grade teachers teach reading as well.   AR is an important part of reading and to ensure each child is reading but most importantly comprehending the stories being read. If you have a question about AR or reading please feel free to ask.   More information for reading will come as the year goes along.  We are starting a brand new reading series so it will be interesting and fun to comprehend the stories together.
5. *Rules for the Year *  The Student Handbook has rules for dress, computer use etc that must be followed. Please make sure your child understands what these rules are.  As a team, we have rules as well which are given out at the beginning of the year.  Be RESPONSIBLE for your own work. 
 Mr. Bischof
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