Welcome to the 2016 and 2017 School Year!
Teacher: Mr. Bischof                   Subject:  Math and Science
Team Black 6th Grade
Email address: dbischof@jsasd.org
School Website: www.jsasd.org
Phone Number: 398-7400 extension 2512
Degrees: Studied Elementary Education: Lock Haven University. Bachelors Degree earned in 1992
 Lock Haven University
Personal Interests:  I really enjoy golfing, not that I will ever play on the pro tour, but you never know. I continue to be involved in basketball as a PIAA official and I play as often as I can. I am also the Girls Varsity Head Coach and can't wait for the season.
I enjoy playing basketball with my 2 sons at the YMCA or just shooting around at home.  I also enjoy spending time with my family.  My usual result
What to look for on my website
1.  Each week my lessons will be posted on my Homework / Weekly Lessons Page for the week with assignments, tests and quizzes. I will post them as soon as possible so you know when your child has a test or quiz. 
2.  My homeroom students must come in go to their lockers and come immediately to homeroom.
3.  Websites: During each Science unit I will post some websites that go along with our unit in Science.  I love using the computer lab to show students websites that interact with the students in Science. I will post these sites in my lesson plans as much as possible.  Check them out!
PA Leaves
Weather and Earth's Atmosphere
4.  Math- Math class in the morning will follow a normal routine. 
A. Bell Ringer
B.  Go over and check homework
C.  Lesson of the day
D. ROCK reminders
E.  Guided and Partner Practice
F.  Assignments 
5. *Rules for the Year *  The Student Handbook has rules for dress, computer use etc that must be followed. Please make sure your child understands what these rules are.  As a team, we have rules as well which are given out at the beginning of the year.  Be RESPONSIBLE for your own work. 
 Mr. Bischof
                                                                                      Don't Be Afraid      






































































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