Jersey Shore Area School Libraries

                 Information Literacy & Technology Skills Curriculum

The library program values, promotes and encourages your child to become independent, effective users of information and empowers them with essential technology skills.  The JSASD Library Media Specialists have integrated the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS)  along with the Big 6 © and               Super 3 ©  information seeking strategies with the library curriculum. This integrated approach enables children to develop life-long problem-solving skills which prepares them to handle any problem, assignment, decision or task.


  Task Definition:  Student will recognize the need for information and be able to define the task (Big 6 = 1.1)
  Identify information needed to complete task (Big 6 = 1.2)

  Information Seeking        Strategies: Student will develop strategies for locating information (Big 6 = 2.1)
  Determine all possible sources -brainstorm (Big 6 = 2.1)

Evaluate possible sources, determine priorities, select the best source (Big 6 = 2.1)

  Location and Access: Student will be able to locate and access appropriate information form a variety of sources
  Locate sources (Big 6 = 3.1)
  Find info within sources (Big 6 = 3.2)

  Information Use: Student will understand and record information
  Understands information (Big 6 = 4.1)
  Extracts relevant information  (Big 6 = 4.2)

  Synthesis: Student will organize, apply, and present information in a variety of formats.
  Organize information from multiple sources (Big 6 = 5.1)
  Presents and applies information (Big 6 = 5.2)

  Evaluation: Student evaluates the process and product 
  Judge the efficiency of the process (Big6 = 6.1)
  Judge the ethical use of information (Big6 =6.2)

  Basic information literacy skills to be learned in context

Last Modified on April 21, 2004