Jersey Shore Area School District
Purchasing Office
***This project is subject to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Labor and Industry's Prevailing Wage Law.
***Please check this site for any addendum to the project.
Addendum #1:   All inside fiber must meet fire and code specifications.   Additionally, appropriate interduct must be used from interior splices to the endpoint at MDF. (posted 05/15/17)
Addendum #2:  Prevailing Wage Project Determination:  Serial #17-04171.

Jersey Shore Area School District
175 A&P Drive
Jersey Shore, PA  17740
570.398.5089 fax

Mr. Bruce Boncal, Purchasing Director
570.398.5057 / 570.398.5096 phone
Extension 7132
Mrs. Kelli Paulhamus, Secretary
570.398.5058 phone
Extension 7167
 Hours:  Monday - Friday -- 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Last Modified on May 26, 2017