Grade Level=6

Course Title=McGraw Hill Reading Series for 6th Grade



General course description / objectives or goals of the course:  In sixth grade, students are taught using the McGraw Hill Reading Series which comes complete with a Reading Book, a Reading Workbook that focuses on the PSSA State Standards, and Spelling worksheets for students to expand on their vocabulary.  Throughout this series, the categories of character, setting, plot, theme, main problem and resolution are constantly the items of focus.  The Accelerated Reader program is also implemented throughout the school year to promote independent reading among students.  The STAR test is given approximately 3 times a year to check for gains in the reading levels of students.  This test is given at the beginning of the school year, the middle of the school year, and the end of the year.  Students are given points to achieve for Accelerated Reader based on the independent reading level that they scored through the STAR test.  These points are set for each quarter of the school year.



Course Units:  There are 6 units with 5 stories each that this series incorporates. 

  • Unit #1 Pathways

Lessons are Making Predictions, Inferences, Sequence of Events, Story Elements, Context Clues, Synonyms and Antonyms

  • Unit #2 A Common Thread

Lessons are Compare and Contrast, Problem and Solution, Drawing Conclusions, and Main Idea

  • Unit #3 With Flying Colors

Lessons are Authors Purpose, Steps in a Process, Cause and Effect

  • Unit #4 Seek and Discover

Lessons are Fact and Non-fact, Forming Generalizations

  • Unit #5 Brainstorms

Lessons are Judgments and Decisions, Denotation and Connotation

  • Unit #6 All Things Considered

Lessons are Persuasion, Analogies, Prefixes, and Suffixes

*  Each Unit reinforces, reviews, and builds on skills that were taught in the earlier Units. *



Course Projects or Assignments:  Students will be expected to read a story every week in the Reading book as well as complete workbook pages that match each particular story that is presented for the week.  Stories to be read by the students will not always be in the order that they appear in the Reading Series so that we can coincide with the Social Studies and Science Curriculum.  Students will also be given a list of 25 spelling words to study each week that are incorporated into the story. 


Grading Procedures:  Grades in the Sixth Grade Reading Classes are based on homework assignments, spelling tests, story test grades, and unit tests.  Accelerated Reader will count as one test grade for each nine week period.