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 School Lunch Application
Please Note: Balances that are negative prior to free/reduced approval status must still be paid. If you have any questions or would like to see a transaction history, please contact the Food Service Director at or (570)-398-5061.

Making News at the Middle School

 We, the Jersey Shore Area Middle School Staff, believe:

  • We must encourage our students to understand the importance of knowledge in this every-changing world, and therefore the need to be life-long learners.
  • We must create an environment of caring for student and the caring for each other in order to everyone to flourish.
  • We must challenge our students to grow academically by engaging then with technology and opportunities for higher order thinking skills to be utilized.
  • We must remember that we are all members of a global community that thrives with responsible citizens.


English Language Arts: 

· Tuesday, April 4, Wednesday, April 5, Thursday, April 6, and Friday, April 7


· Tuesday, April 25, Wednesday, April 26, and Thursday, April 27

8th Grade Science:

· Tuesday, May 2 and Wednesday, May 3 

"Frequently Asked Questions" and Schedule link is top Headline on the left.  A letter with news and the schedule sent home with students.

2017 Military Support Easter Egg Drive  2017 Military Support 2017 Military Support
Middle School Military Support Club- Operation Easter Egg starts now - ends March 24.  
Easter Eggs filled with candy and messages of thanks and praise are sent to deployed US Military Troops.  Individual Thank You letters are enclosed.  Donations of plastic eggs, candy and notes can be dropped off in the main office between 8 AM and 4 PM.  

Middle School PTO Yankee Candle Fundraiser: Begins March 1 and continues through March 15, 2017.  Students will get the information and watch a video about the fundraiser.   Tips for sending electronic messages out to friends and family about the fund raiser are included in the packet.  IMPORTANT:  6% sales tax needs to be added to orders.  Our group number is 990092639 for everyone who wants to place an order online.

School Meetings  

It's the third quarter of school and time to check student grade reports through the MMS Parent Portal or MMS Student Portal.  The middle school teachers been giving assessments and homework.  It seems some students are forgetting to finish homework and study for quizzes and tests.  We need everyone's help to have students focus on learning so they have a strong understanding of content.  If you need to set up an account to check grades, email Mrs. Sharon Koch: and let her know you need help.  Thanks for your support!

March 13 the Mobile Dentist will be at the middle school.  Forms were sent home the week of January 23, 2017.  7th grade students are required to have proof of a dental exam at school.  This exam qualifies to meet those requirements.  Call the school nurse, 570 398-7400 ext. 2114 if you have any questions about the Mobile Dentist exams.

Dear Families of 8th Grade Students:

Wednesday, February 15th from 6-8 PM the senior high school invites you to attend their Open House. 

Your son or daughter recently toured the 9th grade electives classes and were given instruction on making their course selections for their first year in senior high school.  Going to the Open House will allow your son or daughter to show you around the school and meet some of the teachers they may have when they enter high school.

We hope you and your family will go to the senior high Open House on February 15th.

Yearbook Order Form - Deadline for ordering:  Friday, April 7 Here's a link to the order form: 2016-2017 Yearbook Order Form

Ms. Erika Dominick from the state Attorney General's Office, Education and Outreach, gave four presentations to groups of middle school students on January 19 during the school day.  She gave a presentation to the community that evening.  They were all on Internet Safety and Anti-Cyber Bullying.  The students learned a lot of good information about how to safely use the Internet.  They were very respectful of the presenter and her presentations.   Here is a link to the information posted on the PA State Attorney General’s Office of Education and Research:   PA State Attorney General's Office, Education and Research

View of Web Site


January 19, 2017 at 7 PM in the Middle School Auditorium Ms. Erika Dominick from the Office of the Attorney General, Education and Outreach, will give a presentation on Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety. Agent Dominick will be in all the schools and talk with the students.  All Jersey Shore Area School District community members, families, and children are invited to attend this evening presentation.

January 4:  PTO meets at 7 PM.  They have dedicated their time to helping various teachers and students with funding for student items that will enhance student learning.  Under consideration is determining if any of the proposed field trips would benefit from PTO funding. PLUS, a new event is scheduled for February 24, 2017:  a Middle School 1st - Knowledge Bowl.  It will be an event to remember, for sure.  Students will have opportunities to show what they know during January and February and compete for a spot on the team competition in February.  We will also be looking for Knowledge Bowl team cheerleaders and will be asking the PTO to supply prizes for all contestants, cheerleaders and the winners.  Please come to the January meeting, hear the details and offer your support.
January 3, 2017 will start off the new year with a special assembly sponsored by the middle school Builders Club (Middle School Kiwanis).  The presentation is dedicated to their fund raiser for the Leukemia / Lymphoma Society which will continue through the month of January.

December 21: A Time to Give ROCK Event for the students will include a high school dance troupe that collects fund for a memorial scholarship.  One of the JSASD seniors received a scholarship which helped pay some bills for her freshman year.
Students will learn about the contributions they made to Stuff-the-Bus with items to give to needy families, deployed military personnel and our furry friends.  If you haven't noticed the school bus in front of the school, next time your in the area take a look it is a lot of space to fill and our students try very hard to fill it.  Salladasburg Elementary will add their collections to the bus as it makes its way out of town to drop off the donations.
 7 PM December 8 Middle School Concert~ It was a joyful event for the heart.
December Middle School Newsletter:  Middle School Newsletter

 Jr. National Honor Society at Jersey Shore Area Middle School was described to the student body at an assembly on September 28, 2016.  Here are the links to the presentation and the Jr. National Honor Society brochure:  Jr. National Honor Society Presentation   Jr. National Honor Society Brochure
Are you getting all the information that is available on the MMS Parent Portal? Attached is an information "Tips" page. Hopefully the illustrations will help you get more information about your child's learning accomplishments.  Here is that link: Accessing Details from the MMS Parent Portal
Middle School PTO News: Middle School PTO will meet Monday, November 7 at 7 PM.  Click on the following link to see/download the middle school PTO invitation letter:  JSAMS PTO Invitation
Advanced Tiers (Tier II)-Part of ROCK:  The ROCK program is part of the school district's School Wide Positive Behavior Support Program.  This element focuses on short-term interventions to help students make personal connections with school staff.  The link that follows is a description of three components used to help students get on track with organization and learning.  Parents/guardians who may be interested in having their children be considered for one of the interventions should contact the guidance office to request a handbook.  There is an evaluation process the teachers and parent/guardians go through to determine specific needs.  There is a timeline that is followed when the interventions are implemented.  If you believe your son/daughter would benefit from learning organizational skills, having an adult contact to check in/check out with on a daily basis or have a mentor, you are invited to talk with us about these programs.  The guidance office number is 570 398-0253.  Here is the information link: Tier II Overview.Check in/Check out, Mentoring, Organization Skills
Second Day of School Assemblies for Students: Four separate assembly periods were designed for students to rotate through the building to learn about what to do to get organized for learning, be organized at arrival time and during dismissal, and demonstrate good cafeteria manners for having enjoyable lunch periods together.  The presentation on getting organized can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Tips to get Organized for Learning It is a PowerPoint presentation and will take about a minute or two to download before it can be opened and viewed.  
First Day of School Assemblies for Students:  The students met with the principal in the auditorium as a whole 6th grade and in teams with 7th and 8th grades.  The presentation was focused on introducing to students the concepts of developing a Growth Mindset and learning the details of school policies regarding what is Bullying/Cyber-bullying, what constitutes a violation of policy against having tobacco products in school/on school property, what is a violation of the weapons policy, the cell phone policy and the grooming and dress policy.  Here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation:  First Day of School Presentation to Students It takes about 1 minute after downloading the presentation for it to fully download onto a device for viewing.  Within the presentation are two links to videos, one voice recording and a WAV file.  These connections work when the PowerPoint is opened up to "slide show" and the slide with the extra media is displayed.  We hope you will be able to see this presentation and talk about it with your son or daughter.
Middle School Clubs are open to students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  On Wednesday, August 31, 2016, each club advisor gave a presentation to the student body about their club and the kinds of activities they do during the school year.  The students found out a lot about their middle school and we hope they will take an active part in "club" live during their years here.  Below is a list of the 2016-2017 clubs.  Here is a link to the list of clubs, their advisors, and a brief description of each club: Club Advisors and Descriptions
  • Band
  • Book Club
  • Builders Club (Middle School Kiwanis Club)
  • C3
  • Chorus
  • Diversity Club
  • Future Business Leaders of America - Middle Level
  • HOPE Club
  • JSAMS Military Support Club
  • Leo Club (Middle School Student Lions Club)
  • Maker Club
  • Outdoor Club
  • ROCK-Out Bullying:  Anti-Bullying Club
  • Science Olympiad
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook:  Bullpup Memories
Did you know the middle school has an activity period on Day 3 used to talk about R:  Respecting yourself and others; O: Organizing for Success; C:  Caring for People and Property; K: Keep on Learning ?
Did you know the middle school has a club period usually on Day 6?  Students who are keeping up their school work can participate in a club and enjoy the activities of the clubs, many of which are "service" clubs.  For example, the Outdoor Club takes field trips to help clean up local park lands and areas around Jersey Shore.  Last spring they clean up a segment of the Rail Trail on national Earth Day.  



Important Dates

  • ⇒Dates are subject to change⇐

    February 26-March 9: STAR and SI Benchmark 3

    March 3 & 4:  Jr. County Band at the middle school

    March 6:  Clubs

    Life Applications Trimester 2 Ends

    March 6: PTO meets at 7 PM

    March 13:  Clubs

    March 13: Mobile Dentist at Middle School

       7th Grade students are required to have a dental exam

    March 16-17: In-Service, no school for students

    April 3-7:  PSSAs, no clubs this week

    April 3: 6-8 PM Conversations with Superintendent and Middle School Administration team

    April 3: PTO meets at 7 PM

    April 7: Yearbook Orders are Due

        Order Form link is on the homepage

    April 10:  No Clubs JUST Organize &

    ROCK UEBs Assemblies

    April 13:Hoops for the Heart

        Assembly for students

    April 13:  2 Hr. Early Dismissal

    April 14-17: Schools are closed

    April 18:  School in session

    April 21:  Report Cards Go Home

    April 24-28:  PSSAs, No Clubs

    May 1: PTO meets at 7 PM

    May 1-5:  STAR & SI Assessment 4

    May 3 & 4:  8th Grade PSSAs in Science

    May 5:  7th & 8th Grades Chorus Fest

    May 11: 7 PM Spring Concert

    May 12:  ROCK Event

    May 15: 8th grade visits Penn College

    5th Grade visits the Middle School

    May 17:  7 PM Elem. Chorus Concert at MS

    May 16-17: 8th Gr. Alegebra Keystones

    May 16-17: 7th grade goes to Little Pine State Park

    (One Half of the students in 7th grade go each day)

    May 19:  Jr. FBLA Trip

    May 24:  7 PM Elem Band Concert at MS

    May 25: 8th Grade goes to Washington, DC

    May 26:  Schools are closed

    Gym Locker Clean-out

    June:  PTO meeting To Be Determined

    June 1: JUST Organize/ROCK UEB Assemblies

    June 1:  7 PM Instrumental Pops Concert at the Senior High

    June 2: 6-8 Band and Chorus goes to Knoebels

    June 6:  Club Presentations to student body

    June 7:  2-Hr. Early Dismissal



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